Early Childhood Education at OCtech


Courtney Holmes-Williams is an Early Care and Education student at OCtech. She completed her capstone course practicum at Mellichamp Elementary School under the guidance of first grade teacher, Ms. Veronica Hodges and under Dr. Suzanne Switzer at OCtech. This is a prime example of an OCtech student mentoring another OCtech student. Ms. Hodges is also a former student of Dr. Switzer, graduating with an Early Care and Education Associate Degree in July 2007. She earned a Bachelor of Science Degree in Elementary Education, a Master’s Degree in Curriculum and Instruction in Education, and a Master’s Degree in Early Childhood Education. Ms. Hodges said, “OCtech built my foundation. I thank them for preparing me for the opportunities that have come my way. A special thanks goes to Early Childhood Instructors, like Dr. Switzer, who prepared me for success in education and helped me know that my passion is to teach and help children. I love teaching – it is truly my passion, therefore my purpose.” Courtney graduated from OCtech with an Early Care and Education
Associate Degree in May 2012 and plans to continue her education in the Special Education field.

Brenda Lewis is an Early Care and Education student at OCtech. She is the first OCtech student to complete a capstone course practicum at Felton Laboratory School. Dr. Suzanne Switzer, Early Care and Education Program Coordinator at OCtech, established the partnership with Felton Laboratory School at the end of Fall 2011 semester. Brenda was under the guidance of Mrs. Brunson at Felton and of Dr. Suzanne Switzer at OCtech during Spring 2012 semester. Brenda graduated with her Early Care and Education Associate Degree in July 2012 and plans to begin teaching young children in the Fall. Brenda was also the President of OCTC-AEYC, which is the college’s chapter of the National Association for the Education of Young Children organization. Brenda said, “My experience in the Early Childhood Education department at OCtech was very rewarding. The instructors are very informative and provide an overview of the philosophy and history of Early Childhood Education and the impact that it has on curriculum. I truly enjoyed being a part of the Early Childhood Education classes. Having the opportunity to witness real life interaction between students, teachers, and peers at Felton Laboratroy School was an extraordinary experience. I was able to view various children’s physical skills, cognitive skills, social and emotional skills, and how they dealt with conflict and interaction between their peers. Now I feel that I have the educational tools that I will need to teach.”

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