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Quality Enhancement Plan

The title of Orangeburg-Calhoun Technical College’s QEP is "Workforce Readiness:  Ensuring the Skills of Today’s and Tomorrow’s Workers." 

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QEP Team:
-Faculty Staff Meeting August 23rd
-Faculty Staff Meeting October 10th
-Team Meeting December 17 2013
-Student Focus Group Meeting
-Theme Faculty/Staff Input Survey
-Quality Enhancement Plan Goals Survey
   for Advisory Groups

Survey Results:
-Workforce Skills Survey Results 
  for Faculty Staff and Students

-Workforce Skills Survey Results 
  for Stakeholders (advisory Board Members)

Sub-Team Initial Planning Results:
-Planning Sheet for the SACSCOC QEP-Communications
-Planning Sheet for the SACSCOC QEP-Soft Skills
-Planning Sheet for the SACSCOC QEP-Technology
Workforce Readiness Resources
Frequently Asked Questions
QEP Steering Teams 
QEP LibGuide

Employers are adamant about the need to better prepare students for the workplace. Studies show that the skills gap is widening, and, without intervention, students are not going to have the tools that they need to be successful in the workplace.

After reviewing several years of data, and conducting surveys and focus group sessions of faculty, staff, students, community members, and business/industry leaders, OCtech has determined that a workforce readiness program to be integrated into students’ course of student at the College is integral to their future success.  Over the course of the spring of 2014, a broad-based QEP Team will use the data and survey results to formulate student learning objectives, as well as develop a five-year research-based plan to implement and assess these goals. 

It is the goal of Orangeburg-Calhoun Technical College to ensure that today’s and tomorrow’s workforce has the skills, competencies and behaviors to succeed in today’s and tomorrow’s workplace.

Overall Theme and Idea: SACSCOC Quality Enhancement Plan (QEP) Topic Isolation, Intervention Development, Implementation Timeline Creation, and Assessment Plan Advancement

To aid with topic generation by isolating issues and concerns related to student learning
To assist with the creation of an intervention by researching best practices
To contribute to the development of student learning outcomes for the designated intervention
To help generate measurable student learning outcomes for the QEP topic/intervention
To aid with the development of an implementation plan inclusive of timelines, budgets, assessment schedule, and personnel
To contribute to the completion of an assessment plan

Additional Professional Development:  Professional development will include researching the successful QEP approaches of other colleges (mainly those similar to ours in size, demographics, etc.), researching best practices related to the eventual topic choice, visiting and/or engaging in conference calls with colleges that have had recent success with completing a QEP

Metrics for Assessment:
Completion of the following:
QEP topic (fall of 2013)
QEP Intervention (spring of 2014)
QEP Student Learning Outcomes (spring of 2014)
QEP Implementation Plan Draft (spring of 2014)
QEP Assessment Plan Draft (spring of 2014)—with possible aid of consultant

Warren Yarbrough
QEP Team Leader
3250 St. Matthews Road
Orangeburg, South Carolina 29118