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Lower Savannah Education and Business Alliance

The Lower Savannah Education and Business Alliance (LSEBA) is a dynamic regional partnership of school districts, postsecondary institutions, businesses, industries, workforce and economic development organizations.
LSEBA addresses the educational requirements for our current and future workforce by providing a platform for collaborative planning, cooperative action, and focused sharing of tools and resources. Alliance initiatives increase academic, technical, and work-based opportunities for diverse learners who must meet the challenges of a changing global economy.
To ensure that regional students are prepared to pursue rewarding careers, LSEBA - through the collaborative efforts of education, business, and community stakeholders - provides supportive services to partnering school districts based on the Alliance’s commitment to full, equitable implementation of the Education and Economic Development Act (EEDA) and Perkins IV program and accountability standards.
Specific Purposes of Alliance:
  • promote increased student achievement
  • increase number of qualified students entering postsecondary institutions and the workplace
  • establish viable alternatives for at-risk students across institutional levels, decreasing percentage of students entering postsecondary institutions in need of remediation
  • align and integrate academic and technical courses
  • expand dual enrollment/credit opportunities
  • foster seamless K-16 and workplace transitions
  • form linkages with education, business, and industry to share tools and resources, to provide access to job professionals, and to increase work-based opportunities (i.e., internships, job shadowing, mentoring, and apprenticeships)
  • respond to the challenges of the changing workplace by assisting in the implementation of state and national mandates that impact workforce preparation
  • facilitate the sharing of ideas, concerns, and labor market information which influences decisions made by area schools and the business community
LSEBA paves pathways to a brighter tomorrow.