Frequently Asked Questions

Who is Your Advisor?
Your faculty advisor’s name and email address is available through OCtech Connect (this allows you to email your advisor to schedule an appointment)
Step 1: go to, select Student Resources
Step 2: click Connect To My Accounts, select Connect
Step 3: login to Connect, select Student
Step 4: under Communication, select Who is My Advisor(s)

How can I make an appointment to see a Faculty Advisor?
Once you have confirmed your advisors assignment on OCtech Connect you should be able to email your advisor asking for an appointment.  It is your responsibility to email your advisor to schedule an advising appointment.

I don't want to wait for an appointment with my advisor. Can I schedule an appointment with any academic advisor so I can be seen sooner?
Generally, no. One objective of advising is that the student build a relationship with his/her assigned academic advisor. However, there are circumstances that may require you to meet with another advisor within your program.

How can I contact an advisor if I cannot/do not want to come to campus?
Most advisors will accept telephone calls or emails. Please check with your assigned advisor to determine their individual preference.

How do I prepare for an appointment with my Faculty Advisor?
Print and review your program evaluation, and plan a tentative schedule for the upcoming semester.  Please review the Student Tutorials under Student Resources for instructions on printing a program evaluation and searching for classes.

Do I need to see my Faculty Advisor before I register for classes?
Yes.  All students must consult with their Faculty Advisor before they register for classes.  Advisors must approve classes in an educational plan on your OCtech Connect account so you can register for them.  Make time for this meeting so you can discuss goals, progression of your degree, and any issues that you have been having so you can plan your schedule accordingly for the upcoming semester.  Meet with your Faculty Advisor early to register on time and avoid late fees.

My Faculty advisor added classes to my educational plan.  How do I register for these classes?
It is your responsibility to register for classes in your OCtech Connect account. 

How do I drop/withdraw from a class?
Before classes start you can make changes to your schedule via OCtech Connect account.  After classes start you must see Records (Building S – Student Services) to make any changes to your class schedule.  Similarly, to withdraw from a class you must see Records.