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"In August of this year, I decided to attend OCtech and enroll in the Automotive Technology program.  My son is in college and both my wife and daughter have their Master’s Degree.  It is my turn now.  I always said if I ever had any free time, I wanted to go back to college.   At 58, I am one of the oldest in my class and I hope I can be an inspiration for young people."
Nathaniel Blacks
Automotive Technology Student

Automotive Technology

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OCtech, with the support of Fairey Chevrolet, recently purchased a 2012 Chevrolet Volt series hybrid vehicle. The vehicle will be used to enhance the education of students enrolled in the Automotive Technology program. The Chevy Volt will complement a LG-Create parallel hybrid vehicle trainer recently donated by the OCtech Foundation.  

photo of automotive student working on engineThe importance of professional automobile repair in today's mobile society cannot be overstated. Because vehicles have skyrocketed in cost and are kept in service longer, there is a shortage of trained, knowledgeable technicians.  Skilled technicians are needed to perform preventive maintenance, repairs and adjustments. Your decision to obtain either a certificate or Associate Degree in Automotive Technology will provide you with increased career opportunity and higher income.


The U.S, Department of Labor data shows the median annual wage of automotive service technicians and mechanics was $35,790 in May 2010 and the top 10 percent earned more than $59,590.

 If you’re ready to explore your possibilities for the future, choose OCtech’s Associate in Applied Science Automotive Technology degree.

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The OCtech Automotive Technology Program is accredited by the National Automotive Technician Education Foundation.


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Associate in Applied Science:
Automotive Technology

Basic Diesel Maintenance 
Undercar Specialist

Automotive Dealerships
Independent Repair Operations
Fleet Service Operations     

Automotive Technology - 90%

Name of Program: Associate Degree, Automotive Technology and Related Certificates
Program Student Learning Outcomes:
• Diagnose and repair engine problems using industry standard equipment.
• Evaluate automatic transmission condition.
• Perform manual drivetrain diagnosis and repair.
• Diagnose and repair suspension and steering problems and take appropriate action.
• Diagnose and repair brake systems.
• Diagnose and repair electrical/electronic systems.
• Diagnose and repair heating and air conditioning systems.
• Diagnose and repair engine performance systems.
• Follow governmental and employer rules and regulations.
• Develop and use positive working relationships.
• Follow written instructions.

Name of Program: Certificate, Basic Diesel Maintenance
Program Student Learning Outcomes:
• Maintain diesel engines (NATEF Accreditation General Category I).
• Service diesel engines (NATEF Accreditation General Category I).
• Service drive train systems (NATEF Accreditation General Category II).
• Repair electrical systems (NATEF Accreditation General Category V).
• Follow environmental regulations (NATEF Accreditation Electrical/Electronic Category V)
• Demonstrate professional behavior.