Health Physics (Radiation Protection)

Photo of students and instructors at a nuclear power facility.

Health Physics instructor Kara Beharry and students from OCtech’s Health Physics and Electronic Instrumentation programs recently toured Vogtle Electric Generating Plant, a nuclear power facility near the Georgia-South Carolina border. 

This program is designed to introduce students to the necessary skills needed to become a Radiation Protection technician. At the end of the program a successful graduate will be able to measure and record radiation levels and service and calibrate radiation instruments. In addition Radiation Protection technicians play an important role to ensure the safety of employees in their work-place and to uphold the work-place compliance with radiation requirements.

For admission, students should meet the general requirements of the Associate of Science in Engineering Technology degree along with completion of a drug screening and background check. Students completing the certificate will be in a position to take the basic examinations for certification in the field.

Students enrolled in the program will have the opportunity to apply for an internship during their second summer of study. 

Transfer Opportunities:

Link to SC State University.Currently there is an agreement for graduates of this program to continue their studies at South Carolina State University. Graduates of the program have the option to choose major in Nuclear Engineering, Electrical Engineering Technology, and Physics (with a focus in Health Physics).


The median salary for a RPT is $69,056. Actual compensation may be higher due to overtime, bonuses or incentive compensation. Source: Nuclear Energy Institute (NEI) 

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