Our Philosophy

Orangeburg-Calhoun Adult Education, including all of its Satellite Sites, believes that education should provide all students with a wide range of opportunities that will enable them to reach their greatest possible contribution to society. To that end, all of our programs endeavor to provide a safe, structured and nurturing environment for all of our students.
The Adult Education Program in Orangeburg and Calhoun Counties is based on the “hub and cluster” concept consisting of a large center, the Orangeburg-Calhoun Adult Education Program, serving as the hub and satellite centers located throughout both counties serving as the clusters. The key feature to the hub and cluster concept is that programs are easily accessible and can readily communicate with one another. Day and evening classes are available utilizing trained certified staff, teaching assistants, and volunteer tutors. Training is offered in literacy, ESL, ABE, GED preparation, high school diploma completion, WorkKeys, Job Related Skills and Computer Skills. An open registration, managed enrollment entry and open exit format is available to meet the various levels of the learner and accelerate their meeting their personal goals.
Utilizing this model, the Adult Education Program provides all adult residents in Orangeburg and Calhoun Counties an opportunity to enhance their skills in all academic areas, regardless of their educational level. Realizing that the community served by the Adult Education Program combines diverse cultural backgrounds and varying levels of mental abilities, a multi-faceted approach is offered to meet the individual needs of the residents in Orangeburg and Calhoun Counties. Adult Education is open to any qualified person 17 years of age or older who has left the elementary or secondary school. In the high school completion program, students have the option of earning a high school diploma or a GED diploma.
In all of our programs, we believe that the relationships among and between the entire school community of pupils, teachers, administrators, and parents should be based on open communication, mutual trust, and respect. We are committed to ensuring that every person, regardless of age, in the community receives the best possible education. Our community cannot continue to grow in a positive manner with an under-educated population. The economic development and quality of life in our community, our state, and our nation are directly tied to the education of our youth. With these factors in mind, it is our philosophy to design and implement unique, diverse, and innovative programs in order to provide all of the citizens of Orangeburg and Calhoun Counties an opportunity to enhance their skill level and become productive, participating members of our society.

Our Mission

The mission of the Orangeburg-Calhoun Adult Education program is to create, in partnership with the school districts, local businesses and industries, and the community, an educational system which best develops literate, self-directed lifelong learners who will be significant contributors to society.

Student Outcomes:

  • Achieve educational gains and demonstrate personal and social development.
  • Attain basic skills competencies, learn skills that are applicable in a functional context, and advance to higher levels of learning.
  • Experience greater self-esteem and personal satisfaction.
  • Achieve his or her goal for attending the program.  

Program Outcomes:

  • Engage in on-going program planning that is participatory and responsive to the needs of the adult learner and the community.
  • Deliver quality instruction with professional instructors.
  • Establish a flexible curriculum that allows for differences in learning styles and instructional levels.
  • Promote on-going staff development and training.
  • Assist in providing support services to adult students.
  • Develop yearly recruitment and retention plans.
  • Collaborate with community agencies and local businesses and industries to promote adult literacy and workplace skills enhancement.

Our Goals

  1. To provide a functional, accessible and safe school environment by improving and maintaining the physical plant as funds allow.
  2. To provide staff development opportunities in order that teachers and administrators might have increased access to instructional theories, up-to-date materials, computer training for instruction and management, the latest trends and methodologies in adult education, school law, and practical application opportunities.
  3. To respect and treat all students as individuals by designing and implementing courses of study tailored as much as possible to individual needs.
  4. To encourage the use of varying instructional techniques within each classroom/lab to address different learning styles and abilities.
  5. To encourage the utilization of varied community resources to further provide our students information and assistance necessary for their continued growth and development.