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Volunteer Opportunity

photo of adult literacy student holding certificatesO – One on One Teaching by Trained Adult Tutors
C – Confidence Building
A – Adults helping Adults
L – Learning Basic Literacy Skills: Reading, Writing, Math, Computer & English as a Second Language (ESL)
C – Completing Goals to achieve lifelong Hopes and Dreams

Interested Adult Citizens of Orangeburg County to Eliminate Illiteracy in Orangeburg County

By Encouraging Each County Resident to Continue His/her Education as far as Possible By Volunteering to Tutor Adult Learners How to Read and Write learn Basic Math and Basic Computer Skills and Provide Non-English Speaking Adults Opportunity to Learn English as a Second Language.


Tutoring Job Description

Type of work: One on one tutorings
Purpose: To help an adult eighteen years of age or older to acquire basic reading, writing, and math skills and to use those skills to meet self-identified goals.
Training: 6 hours of pre-service basic literacy tutor workshop required; participate in periodic in-service training service – strongly encouraged.
Place of work: One on one tutoring will occur in a learning center or in a neutral place in the community.
Hours: The volunteer tutor and student should meet a minimum of 2 hours weekly.
Duration of work: A commitment of 9-12 months.
Duties: - Meet regularly and punctually as scheduled.
             - Be well prepared for each tutoring session.
             - Review lessons & keep records of student’s progress.
             - Report to the director student’s progress and any change in schedule.
             - Provide encouragement and support.

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