Complete List of Online Course Offerings

ACC 101 Accounting Principles I

ACC 102 Accounting Principles II

ACC 124 Individual Tax Procedures

ACC 150 Payroll Accounting

ACC 240 Computerized Accounting

ACC 265 Not-for-Profit Accounting

AGR 205 Integrated Pest Management

AHS 104 Medical Vocabulary/Anatomy

AHS 206 Cross-Sectional Anatomy for Medical Imaging

AHS 210 Nutrition for Healthcare Professionals

ART 101 Art History and Appreciation

BAF 101 Personal Finance BIO 101 Biological Science I

BIO 101 Biological Science I

BIO 102 Biological Science II

BUS 101 Introduction to Business

BUS 140 Business Mathematics

CHM 105 General, Organic, and Biochemistry

CHM 110 College Chemistry I

CHM 111 College Chemistry II

CHM 210 Introduction to Organic Chemistry

COL 250 Information Literacy

CPT 101 Introduction to Computers

CPT 104 Introduction to Information Technology

CPT 163 Introduction to Multimedia for Web Pages

CPT 167 Introduction to Programming Logic

CPT 170 Microcomputer Applications

CPT 172 Microcomputer Database

CPT 174 Microcomputer Spreadsheets

CPT 209 Computer Systems Management

CPT 210 Computer Resource Management

CPT 212 Visual Basic Programming

CPT 213 Advanced Visual Basic Programming

CPT 232 C++ Programming I

CPT 233 C++ Programming II

CPT 239 Active Server Pages

CPT 244 Data Structures

CPT 247 UNIX Operating Systems

CPT 263 Advanced Multimedia for Web Pages

CPT 264 Systems and Procedures

CPT 268 Computer End User Support

CPT 283 PHP Programming I

CRJ 101 Introduction to Criminal Justice

CRJ 102 Introduction to Security

CRJ 110 Police Patrol

CRJ 120 Constitutional Law

CRJ 125 Criminology

CRJ 130 Police Administration

CRJ 145 Juvenile Delinquency

CRJ 202 Criminalistics

CRJ 210 The Juvenile and the Law

CRJ 220 The Judicial Process

CRJ 222 Ethics in Criminal Justice

CRJ 224 Police Community Relations

CRJ 230 Criminal Investigations I

CRJ 236 Criminal Evidence

CRJ 238 Industrial and Retail Security

CRJ 240 Correctional Treatment

CRJ 242 Correctional Systems

CRJ 244 Probation, Pardon, and Parole

CRJ 246 Special Problems in Criminal Justice

CRJ 250 Criminal Justice Internship I

ECD 107 Exceptional Child

ECD 135 Health, Safety, and Nutrition

ECO 201 Economic Concepts

ECO 210 Macroeconomics

ECO 211 Microeconomics

EGR 112 Engineering Ethics 

ENG 031 Developmental English I

ENG 032 Developmental English II

ENG 101 English Composition I

ENG 102 English Composition II

ENG 155 Communications I

ENG 160 Technical Communications

ENG 165 Professional Communications

ENG 201 American Literature I

ENG 202 American Literature II

ENG 205 English Literature I

ENG 206 English Literature II

ENG 207 Literature for Children

ENG 208 World Literature I

ENG 209 World Literature II

ENG 236 African American Literature

FRE 101 Elementary French I

FRE 102 Elementary French II

HIS 101 Western Civilization to 1689

HIS 102 Western Civilization Post 1689

HIS 112 Non-Western Civilizations 1500 to Present

HIS 115 African-American History

HIS 201 American History: Discovery to 1877

HIS 202 American History: 1877 to Present

HSS 101 Introduction to Humanities

HSS 105 Technology and Culture

IST 106 Web Sites and Home Pages

IST 221 Advanced Data Communications

IST 225 Internet Communications

IST 226 Internet Programming

IST 229 Internet Firewall Management

IST 235 Handheld Computer Programming

IST 237 Intermediate Website Design

IST 238 Advanced Tools for Website Design

IST 239 Datum and Javascript

IST 245 Local Area Networks

IST 252 LAN System Manager

IST 272 Relational Database

IST 273 Advanced Client/Server Development Tools

IST 274 Special Topics in Information Sciences

LEG 121 Business Law I

LEG 122 Business Law II

LEG 135 Introduction to Law and Ethics

LEG 230 Legal Writing

LEG 231 Criminal Law

LOG110 Introduction to Logistics

LOG111 Warehouse and Distribution Center Operations

LOG112 Automated Storage and Retrieval Systems

LOG113 Material Handling Technology

LOG114 GPS and GIS Applications in TDL

LOG 215 Supply Chain Management

LOG 235 Traffic Management

MAT 101 Beginning Algebra

MAT 102 Intermediate Algebra

MAT 110 College Algebra

MAT 111 College Trigonometry

MAT 130 Elementary Calculus 

MAT 140 Analytical Geometry and Calculus I

MAT 120 Probability and Statistics

MAT 141 Analytical Geometry and Calculus II

MAT 155 Contemporary Mathematics

MAT 175 Algebra and Trigonometry I

MAT 176 Algebra and Trigonometry II 

MAT 240 Analytical Geometry and Calculus III 

MGT 101 Principles of Management

MKT 101 Marketing

MKT 135 Customer Service Techniques

MRI 101 Introduction to MRI

MRI 111 MRI Physics

MRI 120 Advanced MR Imaging

MRI 135 MRI Procedures of the Head and Neck

MRI 136 MRI Procedures of the Musculoskeletal Systems

MRI 137 MRI Procedures of the Abdomen and Pelvis

MRI 138 MRI Procedures of the Thorax

MRI 152 MRI Clinical Practicum I

MRI 162 MRI Clinical Practicum II

MUS 105 Music Appreciation

NUR 201 Transition Nursing

PHI 101 Introduction to Philosophy

PHI 110 Ethics

PNR 170 Nursing Care of the Older Adult

PNR 182 Special Topics in Practical Nursing Pharmacology

PSC 201 American Government

PSC 215 State and Local Government

PSY 103 Human Relations

PSY 201 General Psychology

PSY 203 Human Growth and Development

RAD 103 Introduction to Computed Tomography

RAD 120 Principles of Computed Tomography

RAD 125 Clinical Application in Mammography

RAD 131 CT of the Head & Spine

RAD 132 CT of the Neck, Abdomen, and Pelvis

RAD 133 CT of the Extremities

RAD 150 Clinical Applications I

RAD 156  Paitient Factors and Imaging Procedures in Mammography

RAD 157 Mammographic Instrumentation

AD 160 Clinical Applications II

RAD 280 Advanced Imaging I

REL 101 Introduction to Religion

RPT 104 Introduction to Radiation Safety and Fundamentals

RPT 125 Nuclear Math and Theory

SOC 101 Introduction to Sociology

SPA 101 Elementary Spanish I

SPA 102 Elementary Spanish II

SPC 205 Public Speaking