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Online Learning

OCtech offers a variety of complete programs available totally online. The following degrees, diplomas, and certificates available totally online are listed by program type. Click on each title for a complete list of course requirements and information about advisement.

Here is a complete list of courses offered online at Orangeburg-Calhoun Technical College.

Before considering taking an online class, you should complete the online course readiness self-assessment, Is Online Learning Right for Me?

Technology Requirements for Online Courses:
Students need to have access to a properly functioning computer throughout the semester.  Click here for an explanation of the technology required for an online course.

Student computers need to be capable of running the latest versions of browsers, recent software and have the necessary tools to be kept free of viruses and spyware. The computer needs to run the following browser features.  Also, some courses require special software that students may have to purchase.  In some courses (i.e. speech, foreign languages, etc.), a webcam and microphone may be needed.

• Microsoft Internet Explorer 9 and up
• Mozilla Firefox
• Apple Safari 5.1 and up
• Google Chrome (latest two public releases)

Browser features:
• Adobe Acrobat Reader
• Java
• Cookies enabled
• Pop-up windows (pop-up blocker) turned off

Internet Service:  Students are responsible to have Internet service. High speed Internet access is recommended as dial-up may be slow and limited in downloading information and completing online tests. Some courses may contain streaming audio and/or video content.

Use of Public Computers:  If using a public library, or other public access computer, students should check to ensure they will have access for the length of time required to complete their tasks and tests.

Services for Online Students:
Admissions:  Students may go through the admission process by following the outlined procedure below:
Step 1-Apply for admission online at this link.
Step 2-Use this form to have your high school transcript or GED sent to OCtech.
Step 3-Contact an Admissions Counselor at 803-535-1234 to find out how to submit placement test scores (COMPASS, ACT, or SAT).
Step 4-Apply for Financial Aid
• Complete the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) at
(OCtech School Code is 006815.)
• The earlier you complete the financial aid process, the more likely your money will be here on time. 
• To ensure this process is completed successfully, contact the Financial Aid Office (803-535-1224) 3-5 business days after submitting your FAFSA.

The admissions area will send you a letter and email notification of acceptance, plus detailed directions on how to begin the advising/registration process.

Advising:  Initial advising sessions are conducted by advising center personnel.  Students may contact Tracy Dibble at or 1-803-535-1225 for more information.  The student should send an email to stating that he or she needs to begin the advising/registration process.  Online students may be advised online.    If the individual references in the email that he or she is a totally online student, the advising center representative will approve classes and direct them to student tutorials housed on the Orangeburg-Calhoun Technical College website for guidance with the registration process.   The student tutorials provide step-by-step instructions on how to log in to Connect (the campus registration management system) and Campus Cruiser (the campus learning management system), as well as how to drop classes, register, etc.

Every Orangeburg-Calhoun Technical College student is assigned a program advisor once this initial advising session is completed.   Each online student will be notified by email his or her advisor’s name and appropriate contact information (email and phone).  Advising sessions may be conducted online or by phone. 

Bookstore: The campus bookstore provides a complete listing of all textbooks required for each course.  This list is updated prior to each semester and is posted on the college’s website here.

Campus Cruiser:  All online courses are delivered through Campus Cruiser, the college’s learning management system.  You may click here to access Campus Cruiser. 

For a brief overview of using essential Campus Cruiser features, click here.

Technical Support Resources:  Technical support for the college’s learning management system is available.  For password assistance, contact Angela Williams at 1-803-535-1429 or  For assistance with general learning management system issues and navigation, contact Marquetta Strait at or call Amie Andrews at 1-803-268-2527.

Tutoring and Academic Support:
Smarthinking 24/7 Online Tutoring:  Smarthinking offers synchronous and asynchronous online tutoring for students in a variety of subjects.  Students are able to submit papers for review, ask a tutor offline questions via email, schedule a tutoring session or drop-in to a live tutoring session.  OCtech students have 120 minutes per semester of usage with additional hours available upon request.  For information on registering for the system, call the Academic Success & Career Center at (803) 535-1347 to speak with a staff member or email  Access to Smarthinking is available both on campus and off campus.

Library:  Online students can access the Library’s electronic resources, available through the online catalog (UNICORN), through a variety of ebook collections and through databases.   When prompted online, students must enter their 13-digit library ID to access ebooks and databases.   Please read the directions carefully.   Trained staff is available to assist during standard hours of operation; call 1-803-535-1262.  LibGuides are available in a number of courses and have been designed by instructors to assist with research. You must sign-up for access in the library first. With the exception of the online catalog, these resources require an ID and password for off-campus use. These are available on Campus Cruiser. Access to E-Books requires that you register online using one of the library computers.
Students can view a LibGiude for Online students here.

General Policies for Online Courses

Enrollment: Students can be enrolled in online courses as well as traditional on-campus courses in the same semester.

GPA:  To ensure a successful online experience, OCtech students should maintain a 2.0 GPA to continue taking online courses.  Please see your advisor if you have questions, or you may contact the Dean of the Online College at 803-535-1287 or

Attendance:  Generally speaking, there are no class sessions to attend in online course.  Students are expected to check in by email at least once per week.  If a student does not check in for a two-week period, he or she will be dropped from the course. 

Testing:  In most cases, course assessments-including quizzes and tests-are done online.  Should an instructor feel the need to use a proctor, then he or she may utilize the college’s test center.  The instructor will provide students with directions on how to access the center.  The following policy applies to online quizzes and tests:
1. All academic honesty/dishonesty policies published in the college catalog apply to online course work.
2. They are hosted through the college’s learning management system which students may access only through their unique passwords.
3. The quizzes/tests themselves are password protected.  The instructor will set the password prior to opening the quiz/test.  The instructor will share this password with students through the LMS email just prior to opening the quiz/test.
4. The quizzes/tests will have a set time limit.
5. When possible, questions on the quizzes/test will appear one at a time. 

Privacy Notice:
The student right to privacy and confidentiality of student academic records is based on the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA) regulations. These regulations ensure  students' rights to review their academic records, limitations of their rights, and release of information to third parties. Specific measures to ensure student privacy in online courses include the following:

  • Student access to courses in the learning management system (Campus Cruiser) is password protected.  All students are issued unique, secure logins and passwords at the time of their admission. At the first use, they must reset the issued password.  This password must be reset by the student every 180 days to ensure its continued integrity.
  • Faculty use their secure Connect account to submit grades, and students use it to view their grades. Security features linked to the password provide protection that faculty can only submit grades for their courses and students can only view their personal grades.

Disability Services:
Orangeburg-Calhoun Technical College complies fully with section 504 of the 1973 Vocational Rehabilitation Act and the Americans with Disability Act.  Students who have a documented learning disability or a documented disability that interferes with cognitive performance and who require special accommodations should also contact the Coordinator for Students with Disabilities. Students must reveal their documented disability and the need for special accommodations. For information, please contact Tracey Dibble—Director of Counseling, Counseling Center, and Services for Students with Disabilities—at 1-803-535-1225 or email her at