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Mammography Certificate Program

Mammography is an advanced level specialty imaging procedure. It deals with the use of radiographs for diagnostic and screening purposes for the detection of breast cancer. The growth of Mammography over the last decade can be attributed to the ability to detect the unsuspected breast mass with quality screening mammograms.

The program is designed to include both online and clinical applications to prepare students to use xrays to produce mammograms for diagnostic and screening purposes. The certificate courses are sequenced so the registered radiographer can take the nine credit hour courses and obtain knowledge of basic mammography and clinical applications. The program courses will be taught online. Students are responsible for gaining approval from a clinical site in their area for the competency-based clinical applications course.

The Mammography program begins in the fall and spring semesters. Students will be required to have a Criminal Background Check and Drug Screen as part of the admissions process. Proof of current CPR certification is required before entering the Mammography clinical education centers.

Applicants must be registered and in good standing with the American Registry of Radiologic Technologists (ARRT) in radiography. New registry eligible radiography graduate acceptance is contingent upon passing the ARRT Radiography exam within one month of graduation. You must be a Registered Radiologic Technologist or Registry Eligible Radiography Student in order to apply. Contact Program Coordinator: Amy Westbury, BHS RT (R)(M)(MR) by email or 803.535.1348  

Admission Requirements 
Program Cost & Ethics

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RAD 117 - Breast Imaging Equipment and Quality Assurance
2 Class Hours
0 Lab Hours
2 Credit Hours
This course includes theory, principles and practical application of quality control. Tests and guidelines for an FDA certified mammography facility. Prerequisites: Rad 118 and Rad 122

RAD 118 - Seminars in Mammography
1 Class Hours
0 Lab Hours
1 Credit Hours
This course is on selected topics/seminars in mammography. Prerequisite: Admission to Mammography Program.

RAD 122 - Breast Anatomy, Physiology, and Pathology
1 Class Hours
0 Lab Hours
1 Credit Hours
This course is a detailed study of human breast anatomy, physiology and pathology including correlation to the radiographic appearance of normal anatomy and benign and malignant mammographic findings. Prerequisites: Admission to Mammography Program.

RAD 123 - Mammographic Positioning
1 Class Hours
0 Lab Hours
1 Credit Hours
This course is a study of all aspects of positioning the patient for all screening and diagnostic exams including the breast implant patient and mammographic image evaluation. Prerequisites: Rad 118 and Rad 122

RAD 125 - Clinical Applications in Mammography
0 Class Hours
12 Lab Hours
4 Credit Hours
This course is a study of all aspects of clinical mammographic imaging necessary to meet FDA requirements to preform mammography. The course includes documentations of clinical competency as required by the ARRT for eligibility to take the advanced level examination in mammography. Prerequisites: Admission to Mammography Program.