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General Technology
Associate Degree in Applied Science

OCtech's General Technology major allows students to select coursework for becoming multi-skilled technicians. In addition to the minimum of 15 credit hours in general education, the required core consists of a primary technical specialty, a secondary technical specialty and electives.

The primary technical specialty consists of at least 28 semester hour credits in a single content area from an approved degree, diploma or technical education certificate program. The secondary technical specialty consists of 12 semester hour credits from another technical area. Students may use a minimum of 5 more semester hour credits to develop a third technical specialty or enhance the primary and secondary technical specialties, as approved by their advisors. Colleges may also develop technical specialty offerings based on local business/industry needs.

Students work with their advisors to develop a specific contract for the courses they will take under the Associate Degree in Applied Science. The student's advisor and the Vice President for Academic Affairs must approve this contract. To receive financial assistance, veterans must also have prior approval of their programs by a VA counselor.

We have included some sample program models for the Associate Degree in Applied Science Major in General Technology that are most commonly requested by students enrolled in our certificate programs. Students should speak with their dean and/or advisor about other available curriculum models.