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Mammographers use ionizing radiation to create images of the breast for breast cancer screening and diagnostic purposes. They work in hospitals, clinics, labs and outpatient centers. Technologists working in mammography use low-dose x-rays to help identify masses and other abnormalities in and around the breast. Mammographers must be highly accurate in their positioning and exposure techniques in order to optimize the image and maintain radiation safety standards. These images, called mammograms, aid physicians in the diagnosis and treatment of breast disease.

This program prepares radiologic technologists for the American Registry of Radiologic Technologists (ARRT) Mammography Certification exam and an entry-level position as a mammography technologist by providing a comprehensive didactic and clinical education.

"Since graduating from the Radiologic Technology program at OCtech, I decided to go straight into Mammography because it's the field I felt like I belonged in. It was wonderful being able to take classes online since I was working full-time and taking care of my family. Now I am in a career that I love and helping more and more patients every day! OCtech staff and instructors are wonderful and really care about students succeeding!"  



RAD    156    Patient Factors & Imaging Procedures in Mammography    
RAD    157    Mammographic Instrumentation    
RAD    125    Clinical Applications  in Mammography