Patient care technicians are multi-skilled healthcare providers, with training in basic patient care, blood collection and electrocardiography. Under the supervision of nursing and medical staff, patient care technicians are employable in a variety of healthcare settings. Students gain the knowledge and skills to function as beginning-level staff in hospitals, clinics, long-term care facilities, laboratories and physicians’ offices. 


First Semester
AHS 106     Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation and First Aid 
AHS 163     Long Term Care 
          CNA State Board Certification Exam 
BIO 110     General Anatomy and Physiology (or higher) 
ENG 155     Communications I (or higher) 
Second Semester
AHS 141     Phlebotomy for the Health Care Provider 
AHS 145     Electrocardiography 
PSY 201     General Psychology 
CPT 170     Microcomputer Applications 
Third Semester
AHS 104     Medical Vocabulary/Anatomy 
AHS 144     Phlebotomy Practicum 
AHS 166     ECG in a Clinical Setting 
MAT 155     Contemporary Mathematics (or higher) 

Program Details