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Security officers patrol and inspect property to protect against fire, theft, vandalism and illegal entry of the facility for which they work. The growing rate of internal theft in business and industry has created an increasing need for such officers, whose duties vary with the size, type and location of the employer. In office buildings, banks, hospitals and department stores, they protect people, records, merchandise, money and equipment. In department stores, they also often work as undercover detectives to watch for theft by customers or store employees. At air, sea and rail terminals, and other transportation facilities, security officers screen passengers and visitors for weapons, explosives and other contraband, and insure nothing is stolen while being loaded and unloaded. This program is designed to educate students in the diverse areas of security while increasing professionalism in the security field. 


CRJ 101 Introduction to Criminal Justice  
CRJ 102 Introduction to Security  
CRJ 222 Ethics in Criminal Justice or LEG 135  
LEG 231 Criminal Law  
ENG 155 Communications I or ENG 101  
CRJ 120 Constitutional Law  
CRJ 224 Police Community Relations  
CRJ 230 Criminal Investigations I  
CRJ 236 Criminal Evidence  
CRJ 238 Industrial and Retail Security

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