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Steps to Admissions Testing

  1. You will need to meet with an Admissions Counselor (Office of Admissions in Building S) to receive a testing slip for the required test.
  2. A payment receipt is required for placement retests and admission examinations. If the test has a dollar amount associated with it, take that testing slip to the Cashier's desk (Atrium of Building S) to pay for the test (Financial Aid will not cover any testing cost). A receipt that you have paid for the test will be attached to the slip.
  3. Take your slip and a photo ID, such as driver's license, to the Testing Center (second floor of Building B).
    • Students required to take placement tests do not need to make an appointment prior to arrival. Placement tests are first come first serve basis on seats available in the Testing Center.

  4. You will receive immediate scores for your testing. Keep the copy of your scores that the Testing Center will give you- if the scores are stapled shut, in the case of the Bio test, do not open them. Bring your scores back down to an Admissions Counselor (Office of Admissions in Building S) for them to either accept you to the college or go over your placement with you. 

    • These scores can then be used for placement when deciding with your advisor which classes to take that upcoming semester.  


Types of Tests:


  • The placement test that OCtech uses is COMPASS. We encourage you to review your writing, reading, and math before you begin. GED or SAT study materials are very helpful as are the sample questions on

  • Students are allowed to retest at any time but will be required to pay a re-test fee of $25 for every test after their initial testing session. Test scores are good for 5 years.

  • The placement test is not timed, though the average time of completion is 1.5 - 2.0 hours, you may finish earlier or later. The COMPASS is a computerized measurement of one's abilities in Reading, Writing, and Math. There are calculator restrictions on this test.

BIO Placement Test 

  • This test is given to any student who wants to begin OCtech's sequence of Anatomy and Physiology Biology.

  • You are REQUIRED to take the Biology placement test unless you have a bachelor’s degree or higher OR have successfully completed Bio 101 and Bio 102 OR transferring in Bio 210 or higher.

  • You cannot take the Biology placement test once you have begun the Biology sequence at OCtech.

  • This test is 36 questions on pencil and paper. The test is not timed, however it should take you no longer than 1.5 hours to complete.


  • Version 5.0 is the required test for admissions into a competitive Health Science program (other tests may be substituted in the event of meeting score requirements- check your individual program for test score requirements). You can only take this test 2 times in an application period. Scores are good forever.

  • You only need the math and reading portions of the test for OCtech Health Sciences admissions. This portion of the test should take you 1.5 - 2 hours.


Important Testing Facts:

  • Food, Drink, Cellular Telephones, Pagers, etc. are prohibited in the Testing Center.
  • Children may not stay with you while you are testing. Children may not be left unattended on the campus of OCtech.
  • Be prepared to finish the test in one administration. Bathroom breaks are not allowed during a test. (Exceptions must be authorized by the Proctor on duty)
  • Come prepared to take the test at the time of arrival at the Testing Center. We strongly encourage you to study and look over the test tips sheet for the required test.

Office of Admissions/Building S

Testing Center

Building B