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Orangeburg-Calhoun Technical College's Early College allows ambitious high school students in Orangeburg and Calhoun counties the opportunity to earn college credits before they graduate.  There two types of an Early College Student:

  • Dual Credit Student: Students take college credit courses that also count toward high school requirements;
  • Concurrent Enrollment Student: Students take college credit courses may be taken concurrently to enhance transfer opportunities and career interests.

Early College students will be eligible to earn a South Carolina Diploma Seal of Distinction, beginning in the 2018-19 academic year.

Early College participation will:

  • Align high school design to students’ postsecondary choices.
  • Align high school design to the talent pipeline in SC.
  • Align high school design to national and international opportunities.

OCtech Early College students will meet the Profile of the South Carolina Graduate and will complete high school ready for further postsecondary education, competitive employment, military careers, independent and community living, and citizenship.

Earn College Credits While in High School

OCtech Early College Benefits:

GET AHEAD - Students get a jump-start on a bachelor's degree, associate degree, or Associate of Applied Science technical degree programs if they earn at least a "C" or better in their classes. Courses for dual credit may even earn AP weighting in a student's high school GPA.

BE PREPARED - Students become familiar with the demands of college and experience a smoother transition into college academics after high school. Early College students are expected to earn a college certificate, an associate degree, or at least complete the equivalent of the freshmen year in college.

BE COMPETITIVE - Students participating in Early College may earn South Carolina Diploma Seals of Distinction through thoughtful planning of their high school Individual Graduation Plan (IGP) and their OCtech Early College e-Plan. Early College courses may be used to facilitate such Seals of Distinction as the Honors Seal, the College Seal, the Career Seal, or a Specialization Seal.

ePlan ADVANTAGE - Students receive preferential advisement with a college counselor assigned to each high school. Students may also develop a college degree e-Plan with a college faculty advisor. All courses and programs are taught by highly qualified

SAVE MONEY - In addition to getting a head start on a degree, Early College helps students save thousands of dollars in tuition costs, experience a smoother transition into college academics, and take advantage of the small class sizes offered at OCtech.

Early College Career Pathways and Road Maps

OCtech Early CollegeCareer Pathways help students select courses relevant to their chosen field or interest. Courses may count toward high school requirements and translate into college credit courses for a certificate or two- or four-year degree.

There are 17 Early College pathways available to students.  The road maps below will guide students and parents in course selection. 

Resources for Students and Parents

Learn more about the program and student opportunities in our Early College Program of Study Guide.

Get the most college credits possible by using our College to High School Course Flowcharts  while meeting high school graduation requirements. 

Summer Programs
Tentative Schedule for 2018 Summer Programs for Students and Teachers

Schedules and Additional Resources for School Counselors and Parents 

Early College Program of Study Guide

College to High School Course Flowcharts  

Download the Complete Pathways LIst and Road Map Package

Early College Schedules 2018
Spring 2018 On-Campus (by Pathway)
Spring 2018 On-Campus (by Time)
Spring 2018 Off-Campus

Fall 2018 On-Campus (by Pathway)
Fall 2018 On-Campus (by Time)

Early College Schedules 2019 
Spring 2019 On-Campus (by Pathway)
Spring 2019 On-Campus (by Time)

OCtech Resources
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Summer Programs
Tentative Schedule for 2018 Summer Programs for Students and Teachers

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Use the SC TRAC tool or visit our University Transfer page to learn about OCtech's transfer opportunities .


Ask your school counselor about our Early College and join thousands of students across Orangeburg and Calhoun counties who have benefited from this innovative program! For more information, contact Deborah Cooper-Davis, Early College Director, at davisdl@octech.edu or 803.535.1409.