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   Testing Center Hours:
   8:00am - 7:00pm

   Friday: Closed
   Mary Rhodes, Director 
   Toll free in SC:
813.6519 ext. 2539 
   Fax: 803.268.2540


Testing Center

The Mission of OCtech Testing Center is to provide support to students, faculty, staff and the community. We offer a student-friendly, academically secure, professional place of business for all examinees. We promote honesty, confidentiality and fair practices to all who make use of our services. Our staff is well trained to administer all exams to ensure that each examinee may feel confident while testing to achieve optimum test results.

Testing & Fees:

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Applied Math: $15.00
Reading For Information: $15.00
Locating Information: $15.00
Applied Technology: $15.00
Observation: $25.00
Work Place Observation: $25.00
Teamwork: $25.00
Writing: $25.00

Business Writing: $25.00
Listening: $25.00
Listening for Understanding: $25.00
Parapro (AM, RFI, W): $55.00
Career Ready 101: $FREE (as needed)
Fit (internet only): $15.00
Performance (internet only): $15.00

Talent (internet only): $15.00                                                  
Copy of Work Keys Scores (processed within 2 business days): $10.00

MAT (Miller Analogies Test): $90.00
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      Pay cashier in Building S / Pay by phone, 803.535.1211 / no checks accepted
      2 valid forms of ID (one with picture) and receipt required before testing.
      MAT Registration is done same day of exam in the Testing Center.

NCCT (National Center for Competency Testing): $30.00
NCCT for the OCtech Student: $25.00 
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NCCER (National Center of Construction Education and Research) Assessments: $95.00
Compass 1st time: FREE
Compass Retest: $25.00
Compass Remote: $30.00
TEAS (Test of Essential Academic Skills): $55.00
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Distance Learning Proctored Exams, for the non-OCtech student: $30.00

(walk-in basis 1st come 1st served as space and time allow)

Hours of Testing:
Monday - Thursday: 8:30AM – 4:00PM

Biology/Online/Make-up Faculty Exams
Monday - Thursday: 8:30AM – 5:30PM

Testing Guidelines for the OCtech Student:
· Students are required to present valid photo identification (No ID-No Test).
· Cell phones and electronic devices must be turned completely off (NOT ON VIBRATE).
· Students are asked to refrain from creating any kind of visual or auditory distraction while in the center.
· All personal belongings brought into the center must be placed in a locker or other designated area.
· The Center does not allow children in the center while tests are being administered. 
   Leaving young children unsupervised in the hallway will result in a phone call to Security.
· Be prepared to finish the test in one administration. Bathroom breaks are not allowed during a test. 
  (Exceptions must be authorized by the Proctor on duty).
· Students are not allowed to leave the testing area and then resume testing or stop a test and reschedule,
   except in an emergency situation such as a severe storm, power failure, or other unusual activity.
· The Testing Center reserves the right to refuse test administration to any student arriving too late 
   to finish an exam before the Center closes for the day.
· Dress in layers. The Center attempts to keep a comfortable temperature for the testing room;
  we do not guarantee a perfect temperature. Layers will allow students to add or remove clothing for their own comfort.
· All students required to pay a fee for testing, must show proof of payment before the test is administered.
· All funds are paid to cashier in building “S”, no funds are accepted in the Testing Center. 
  All fees for Saturday testing must be prepaid prior to the Saturday test date.
· OCtech is a smoke-free campus.
· No visitors, food or drinks allowed while testing

Testing Guidelines for Non-OCtech Student:

· The Instructor is responsible for providing  precise written instructions to the staff of the 
  Testing Center for all test(s) administered in the Center.
· Hard copy test(s) must be sent to the center by traceable means (i.e. UPS…).
· All postage must be prepaid for return delivery of all hard copy test(s).
· The Testing Center staff  will not print a test(s) and then administer it to the student.
· A 30.00 fee will apply for each test taken in the center.
· Passwords for online exams may be sent via e-mail or fax to the Testing Center.
· All hard copy tests will be mailed within 24 hours of the completion of the exam.

Testing Guidelines for Faculty Internet/Make-Up: 
All tests must be delivered in an envelope with instructions attached for each test or set of tests.

· Please do not allow students to drop off or pick up exams from the Testing Center.
Faculty exam(s) drop off and pick up is Monday-Thursday 8:30am - 6:00pm.

Completed tests will remain in the Testing Center until picked up by the instructor.

Violations: The Testing Center staff is authorized to dismiss an examinee from testing for any of these reasons:
· Failing to turn OFF a cell phone
· Attempting to take a test for someone else
· Giving or receiving assistance of any kind
· Using notes, books, calculators or other testing aids without permission.
· Attempting to remove test questions and/or responses (in any format) from the testing room
· Leaving the testing area without permission
Exhibiting confrontational, threating or unruly behavior

Special Accommodations: If a student has a documented need for a nonstandard test administration, it must be arranged through our Disabilities Department