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Private Loans

Private education loans are non-Federal Student Aid loans that are made to a borrower expressly for postsecondary education expenses, regardless of whether the loans are provided through the educational institution that the student attends or directly to the borrower from the private educational lender. Private loans are considered a "last resort" because their interest rates are higher and all private lenders require credit-worthy individuals to sign for the loan.

How to Apply for Private Loans

  1. Review lenders from the suggested lender list. (You have the option to use any lender of your choice outside of the suggested lenders that are listed.)
  2. Once a lender has been selected, please follow the link to your choice of lender. You will be redirected to the lender website to complete the application process.  
  3. Print and submit the self-certification form to the Financial Aid Office for completion after you have received approval of the loan from your lender. (This form must be submitted to the Financial Aid Office before your loan can be certified.)  
  4. Once your loan has been certified, your student account will reflect the amount for which you were approved.