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Campus Safety & Security

Crime Log

Definitions of Incident/Case Dispositions:

  • Active: The incident/case is under active investigation.
  • Administratively Closed: All productive investigation has been completed and the incident/case has not been cleared.
  • Unfounded: Investigation of the incident/case shows that no crime occurred or the crime occurred in another jurisdiction.
  • Arrest: The incident/case has been resolved by an arrest.
  • Exceptionally Cleared: The investigation has established the identity of at least one offender, sufficient probable cause exists to support an arrest of the offender(s), the location of the offender(s) is known, but for reason outside of the control of law enforcement, the arrest(s) cannot be accomplished.

Daily Crime Log – Calendar Year 2016

(Classification)    Case Number    Date / Time Reported    Date / Time Occurred    General Location     Disposition

Burglary                    20160112-001    1-12-16 / 0615                     1-12-16 / 0135                      Building-S                        Active
Petit Larceny          20160209-002     2-9-16 / 1635                       2-9-16 / 1609                        Building-N restroom    Active