Educational Resources

Looking for extra help with your college-level classes? 

The Student Success Center provides a network of instructional support services, all of which are designed to help you achieve your academic goals: 

  • Tutoring by peers
  • Study group assistance
  • Academic and study skills workshops

Walk-in tutoring services are available for you! 

What can you expect from tutoring?

  • Professional and peer tutors who act as coaches to facilitate your learning
  • Guidance in identifying issues with assignments, skills and learning styles
  • Explanations for areas of confusion in the subject matter
  • Support for developing independence as a learner

What are your responsibilities for tutoring? 

  • Preparation for the tutoring session - bring necessary materials
  • A positive attitude
  • An understanding that the work is your responsibility, not the tutor’s
  • Independent effort to complete the work  

What tutoring CANNOT provide:

  • A tutor who will do or complete the work for you
  • Help with every question and homework assignment
  • A perfected final product
  • A guaranteed grade  

Hours: Tutoring Calendar
Location: in the Library on the 2nd Floor of Building B   
Contact Us: 803.535.1376 or