Financial Resources

Visit the following websites for more information and tools that can be used to establish your financial freedom.

N E F E logo and linkCashCourse  
Financial literacy is an essential life skill for the 21st century. This is especially important for college students, who will have more financial choices and opportunities than any generation before. NEFE is responding to this challenge by offering college students and recent graduates a website that contains comprehensive, non-commercial information to help their financial decisions be informed ones. The National Endowment for Financial Education® (NEFE®) is an independent, nonprofit foundation committed to educating Americans on topics and empowering them to make  positive decisions to reach their financial goals.

Financial Literacy and Education commission logo and linkTaking Control of Your Finances: A Special Guide for Young Adults 
Dealing with personal finances can be overwhelming for anyone, but especially for people just beginning to manage money on their own. This publication helps young adults — including those just starting a career or a family and others still in school — take control of their finances.

national consumer law center logo and linkWorking Cars for Working Families 
Working Cars for Working Families is a clearinghouse for autos at low or no cost. It is a coalition of varied organizations united to ensure that working families can get, keep and use a reliable used car at fair terms. They work in a variety of areas such as consumer protection to stop abuses in car sales and finance, and promote nonprofits that provide struggling families with cars, financing or both at subsidized rates.

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