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Services Available

Personal Counseling

Sometimes students become overwhelmed with personal issues and don’t know where to turn.  Our counselors are available to offer assistance with many issues.  Some students just drop by to vent, others are looking for outlets and resources from community agencies.  Whatever your situation, our counselors will assist you to obtain your goal.  As always, we adhere to strict rules of confidentiality.  

Academic Counseling

Academic issues can come as a surprise to many students.  Often time’s students have lost their skills and don’t realize it and believe the situation is beyond repair.  Students wonder what to do, where to go and if there is any way to get back on track.  There are always choices to consider and ways to help reach goals.  Our counselors can give you information to help you make the best choices for your situation.  

Special Needs Counseling

A learning disability or physical restriction does not have to prevent you from attaining a quality education.  Services are available to students who have disabilities including but not limited to, visual impairments, hearing impairments, learning disabilities and physical disabilities.  A counselor is available to support and assist students by coordinating efforts between students, faculty and staff, to develop reasonable and appropriate classroom accommodations.   Our Disability Counselor is available to assist you in developing the resources and support services necessary to achieve your goals.

Useful Resources