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Glorious Cuttino
Administrative Assistant

Charlene Minus,
Academic Counselor/
Coordinator of Tutorial Services

Patricia Nicholas
Academic Counselor/Transfer Coordinator

Dr. Monica L. Greene
Director of Student Support Services

















































































































































































TRiO Program Student Support Services

The Student Support Services program is funded by the Department of Education and is designed to help students stay in college, graduate, and/or transfer to four year colleges or universities. Some students enter college with skills that need to be developed for success in their curriculum. Student Support Services is here to help students reach their academic, personal, and professional potential through our services and programs.

Counseling: Students should schedule an entrance interview with a counselor who will evaluate the student's academic and career goals. The academic counselors work closely with students to develop an Academic Plan. This process consists of advising students about selecting classes, applying for financial assistance, setting academic goals, identifying career options, and utilizing special services such as the tutoring services.

College Skills: Through seminars or classes, individually or in groups, we give you assistance with study skills that are necessary for college success and the quality of daily life

Transfer Information: We offer assistance with completing the college and financial aid application processes, a resource library of four-year college information, tours of various college campuses, and workshops designed to prepare you for transfer to the four-year college of your choice.

Tutors:  Herman Smith, Laboratory Supervisor l  Debra Sylvester, English and Reading  
                           Shaniqua Colter-Burch, Math  l Courtney McClain, Math l Leon Myers, Math

Cost: All services offered to Student Support Services participants are FREE.

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Dr. Monica Greene, Director
Tawanie Shanks, Administrative Assistant
Charlene Minus, TRiO SSS Counselor
Patricia Nicholas, TRiO SSS Counselor

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Online Workshops:
Anger Management
Anger Management Evaluation
Assertiveness Training
Assertiveness Training Evaluation
Building Effective Communication Skills
Building Effective Communication Skills Evaluation
Burnout Workshop
Burnout Workshop Evaluation
Dealing with Abusive Relationships
Dealing with Abusive Relationships Evaluation
Interview Skills Workshop
Interview Skills Workshop Evaluation
Sample Cover Letter
Sample Resume
Learning Styles Workshop
Learning Styles Workshop Evaluation
Organization and Time Management
Organization and Time Management Evaluation
Professionalism in the Workplace
Professionalism in the Workplace Evaluation
So, How's Your Self-Esteem
So, How's Your Self-Esteem Evaluation
Study Skills Workshop
Study Skills Workshop Evaluation
Ten Bad Listening Habits
Ten Bad Listening Habits Evaluation
Test Taking Tips Workshop
Test Taking Tips Workshop Evaluation
Ways to Aid Your Memory Workshop
Ways to Aid Your Memory Workshop Evaluation

Location: First floor of the Gressette Learning Resource Center, Building B. Contact: 803.535.1608
Office Hours: Monday - Thursday: 7:30am to 7:00pm / Friday: 8:00am to 1:30pm