Student Brightspace email addresses are automatically enrolled in the college’s emergency alert system. Students are encouraged to add cell phone numbers and personal email addresses to the system. Adding your cell phone will allow the receipt of emergency text and voice messages, in addition to an email.

Adding Email Addresses and Cell Phone Numbers to First Alert System

First-Time Login

  1. Sign in to your Brightspace account.
  2. In the Emergency Alert login box, select “Request a Password.”
  3. Use your Brightspace email address to reset/create a password ( An email will be sent with a link to create a password.
  4. Once a password is entered, you will have access to add cell phone numbers and personal email addresses.

Adding Personal Email Addresses and Cell Phone Numbers

  1. Confirm you are on the Email/Phone tab.
  2. Add personal email addresses in the top section (your primary email address is your D2L address and cannot be changed or deleted).
  3. Add cell phones in the bottom section to receive texts and voice alerts.

* The college reserves the right to use this system in the future for general notifications and announcements as well as emergency alerts. Students will always have access (with username and password) to make changes to their personal email and cell phone selections.