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Congratulations to our January 2023 WHO Award winners!

The WHO Awards

As employees of Orangeburg-Calhoun Technical College, we have a responsibility to give and do our best as we represent the college. These OCtech Behavioral Standards were developed by our employees and exemplify the ways our college’s mission and values are to be lived out in our work each day.

Employees who demonstrate these behaviors are nominated for the WHO We Honor Outstanding (Employees) – Award. To nominate an employee, send their name and a description of how they exhibit our behavioral standards to who@octech.edu.

The WHO Committee focuses on employees who exhibit a particular behavior each month. Winners are selected by the committee in a blind vote, with all names and identifying information redacted from nominations before they are submitted to the committee for consideration.

All nominees receive a sweet treat with a copy of their nomination, and two grand prize winners each month receive a special gift and certificate delivered in person – and with great fanfare – by Dr. Tobin and members of the WHO Committee.

OCtech Behavioral Standards

Knowledgeable September

Be mindful of the mission, vision, goals and operations of the college and participate in professional development to stay current in my position.

Flexible October

Adapt to current circumstances and be open to learning new skills to accommodate the needs of others.

Respectful January

Demonstrate a civil and polite demeanor with my words and actions while showing consideration and appreciation for everyone.

Patient February

Take time to listen, understand and communicate without being hurried or dismissive.

Professional March

Exhibit competence, credibility and ethical behavior in my actions and appearance.

Innovative April

Seek imaginative and progressive ways to create a better future for our students, coworkers and the community.

Dedicated May

Promote a positive work environment and support student success by being punctual, dependable and devoted in all of my interactions.

Enthusiastic June

Motivate and engage coworkers, students and visitors with an attitude that displays excitement and passion.

Compassionate July

Show empathy, concern and kindness towards everyone by listening and offering support.

Inclusive August

Cultivate an atmosphere of belonging and safe spaces for open dialogue by treating everyone without bias or discrimination.

Our Commitment to Service Excellence

In an effort to promote excellent customer service across our campus, the Service Excellence Committee recommended the following:

  • Employees adopt a standard voicemail message, phone greeting and email signature.
    • Voicemail message: “Hi, this is Green Lantern in the Justice League at OCtech. I am currently working with someone or away from my desk and unable to answer your call at this time. Please leave a message and I will respond within the next business day. Thank you, and hope you have a great day!
      • All voicemails/emails should be replied to within 24 hours. If you will be away longer than 24 hours, set an away message to include when you will return and who should be contacted if they need to reach someone before your return.
    • Phone greeting for off-campus callers: “Thank you for calling OCtech. This is Green Lantern in the Justice League. How may I help you?
    • Email signature:
How did I do? Complete OCtech’s brief customer satisfaction survey.
  • Employees wear IDs or name tags on campus at all times.
  • Employees exhibit the following actions that reflect the college’s commitment to Service Excellence:
    • Make eye contact, smile and say “good morning/afternoon/evening when someone stops by your desk or when you pass others on campus.
    • Actively listen and engage in conversation. Maintain eye contact, nod or use brief affirmations, and allow them to complete their entire thoughts before responding. Ask specific questions, and repeat or paraphrase what was said to show that you fully understand what was discussed.
    • Give accurate information. If you don’t know the answer to a question, ask.
    • Own your mistakes and fix them. Be accountable and honest, not defensive or reactive. Apologize and work to remedy the situation as soon as possible.
    • Build a community of civility. Be polite and courteous, and say “please” and “thank you.” Hold doors open and greet people with a smile. If you disagree with someone, be thoughtful and considerate in your response.

Serving our Community

Laney Cornelius and Susan Shaffer prepare to deliver Thanksgiving boxes and turkeys to the Salvation Army.

Each year, the WHO Committee sponsors a Thanksgiving Box Drive. In 2022, OCtech employees donated 34 boxes to the Salvation Army to distribute to our students!

Be on the lookout as we continue to seek ways to help our community. If you have ideas, send them to who@octech.edu!

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