• Below is a list of scheduled HIP sessions which are all conducted via ZOOM.
  • Please click the link to register.
  • You will receive an email confirming your registration.
  • Once you have successfully completed your HIP session, an application packet for your program will emailed to you.
Tuesday, November 162:00 PMREGISTER
Wednesday, December 82:00 PM REGISTER
Thursday, December 1610:00 AMREGISTER
Thursday, January 63:00 PM REGISTER
Monday, January 1710:00 AMREGISTER
Tuesday, February 12:00 PMREGISTER
Tuesday, February 1510:00 AMREGISTER
Wednesday, February 234:00 PMREGISTER
Wednesday, March 23:00 PMREGISTER
Thursday, March 1010:00 AMREGISTER
Monday, March 214:00 PMREGISTER
Tuesday, April 52:00 PMREGISTER
Monday, April 186:00 PMREGISTER
Thursday, April 2810:00 AMREGISTER
Wednesday, May 42:00 PMREGISTER
Thursday, June 210:00 AMREGISTER
Wednesday, June 152:00 PMREGISTER
Thursday, June 304:00 PMREGISTER
Thursday, July 72:00 PMREGISTER
Wednesday, July 206:00 PMREGISTER
Thursday, July 2810:00 AMREGISTER
Monday, August 110:00 AMREGISTER