OCtech Reconnect

It’s time to finish what you started!

If you were previously enrolled at OCtech but left without finishing a certificate, diploma or degree program, we have options available to get you back on track. OCtech Reconnect’s customized re-entry plans can help you:

Start over.

Maybe your first attempt at college wasn’t as successful as you hoped it would be. Apply for academic forgiveness of previous coursework and start with a clean slate. Our Student Success Center offers free tutoring and other resources to help you do your best. Short-term training opportunities through Continuing Education can help you enter the workforce quickly.

Get rid of balances.

Perhaps you have an outstanding bill with the college and don’t know how to pay it. We can help with individualized payment plans and debt forgiveness options. Tuition reimbursement may also be available through your employer. Scholarships are available for those who qualify.

Finish your degree.

Our online, flexible and hybrid courses give you more control over how you complete your program. Quick credentials are available through dozens of certificate and diploma options.

Enjoy the career you’ve always wanted – call 803-535-1224 or email askme@octech.edu to learn more.