Tuition Free Summer!

Certificate, diploma or degree-seeking students can attend OCtech part-time or full-time this summer and pay NO TUITION!

*Some exclusions apply. Check with financial aid for eligibility.

Not a student yet? Please visit our Admissions page to get started.

Follow the simple Admissions Steps and get enrolled.  If you would like to speak to an Admissions counselor, you can email us at admissions@octech.edu or use the Qless link to make an appointment or arrange a phone call.

Current students are encouraged to register now for summer and fall classes.

If you have not already done so, make arrangements to meet with your advisor to prepare to register.  If you are not sure who your advisor is, you can learn how to find out in this short video:

If you need to talk with Student Services or Financial Aid,  use the Qless system to help us help you faster.

  • Services available with Qless: 
    Financial Aid
    Drop/Add, Change of Major

Click here to begin Qless.

Just here for the summer?

Visiting summer students can go to the Transient Student Page to find out more about earning transfer credits this summer at OCtech.

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Safety Measures and Guidelines

Orangeburg-Calhoun Technical College continues keep student safety on campus a priority under the guidance of the SC Department of Health and Environmental Control (DHEC) and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC).