The college Registrar maintains a transcript for each student’s academic record. This shows courses taken and credits earned by the student while attending OCtech and is updated accordingly each semester. All transcript requests must be made at our online request site by the student. Student transcripts are processed at least twice per week (except during peak times such as end of term, registration, etc.) upon receipt of an online request and payment for each transcript to be issued. All debts owed to the college must be paid before a student transcript is released from Orangeburg-Calhoun Technical College.

Transcript Request (to have High School transcript sent to OCtech)
Transcript Release (to have transcript sent to another school)

It is the obligation of every student to notify the Student Records Office in the Student Services Center of any change in name or address. A picture ID is required in order to make such a change. Failure to make this required change may cause serious complications in the handling of student records, tuition and communication with the college in general. Change of Name or Address Form