Financial Aid Forms

Forms and Documentation Submissions Guidelines

The financial aid office’s primary means of communicating important information to students is through their D2L issued email account. Email accounts are established for financial aid students if the financial aid office has received their Federal Student Aid Report (FAFSA results) and the student has been admitted to the college. Students will be responsible for checking their student email on a frequent and consistent basis to remain informed of OCtech communications, as certain communications may be time sensitive. In addition students are expected to follow up on any request for information and/or documentation required for processing of their financial aid.

Tax Return Information

If you are selected for verification, it is highly recommended that you use the IRS Data Retrieval Tool (IRS DRT) under the financial information section of the FAFSA. However, if you are not able to use the IRS DRT, you may submit a copy of your IRS Tax Return Transcript or Federal Tax Return. When submitting your 2018 IRS Tax Return Transcript or Federal Tax Return, you must also submit copies of all of your tax return schedules (Ex. Schedule A, B, C, D, E, F, H, J, R, SE, and/or 8812) along with other verification forms requested. If submitting a federal tax return, a signature on the tax return is required (handwritten).

Include Student’s Name and Student ID on all documents.

Financial Aid Forms by Academic Year

Forms for the Academic Year August 2020 - July 2021

Forms for the Academic Year August 2019 - July 2020

Financial Aid Satisfactory Academic Progress (SAP) Appeal Forms

Satisfactory Academic Progress (SAP) Appeal Forms
Students who are not making satisfactory academic progress (SAP) and are placed on a Financial Aid Suspension are ineligible to receive financial aid. However, if documented, extenuating circumstances (i.e., circumstances beyond the student’s control) contributed to the lack of satisfactory academic progress, the student may request reconsideration by filing an appeal. OCtech’s SAP Standards may be reviewed here.

Summer 2020
To be considered for Summer 2020 financial aid, it is recommended that you submit your appeal and supporting documentation no later than June 2, 2020. Appeal decisions will be emailed to you on or by June 4, 2020. It is your responsibility to check your campus email for the appeal decision. Please note that submitting an appeal application does not automatically guarantee approval. You are responsible for making payment arrangements for charges owed the College regardless of the outcome of your appeal.

SAP Appeal Application Summer 2020