Paralegal/Legal Assistant – Associate Degree

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Paralegals, also known as legal assistants, assist attorneys in performing background works, such as research to identify the appropriate laws, judicial decisions, legal articles and other material used to determine if a client has a good case. In addition to litigation, paralegals may also work in areas such as bankruptcy, corporate law and real estate.

Professionals in this field must be able to handle legal problems logically and communicate, both orally and in writing, their findings and opinions. Because paralegals often work with the public, they must be courteous and uphold the high ethical standards expected of the legal profession.

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All paralegal courses are taught by licensed attorneys.


This program is “Approved” by the American Bar Association.

To review accreditation status, please visit the OCtech Program Accreditation/Approval page.

Program Coordinator

Williette Berry
Dean of Business, Education and Public Service

Meet a Graduate

“The whole experience was great. I was nervous about going back to school at first – being a busy mother and a wife – but you never know what you can do until you give yourself that chance.”

— Deanne Mercer, Paralegal/Legal Assistant Class of 2018