Early College

Earn college credit before you finish high school.

There are two types of Early College Students:

  • Dual Credit Students: Students who take college credit courses that also count toward high school requirements;
  • Concurrent Enrollment Students: Students who take college credit courses concurrently to enhance transfer opportunities and career interests.

OCtech Early College Benefits:


Early College students will be eligible to earn a South Carolina Diploma Seal of Distinction, beginning with the freshman class of 2018-19.

OCtech Early College students will also meet the Profile of the South Carolina Graduate.

The e-Plan Advantage

Students receive preferential advisement with a college counselor assigned to each high school. Students may also develop a college degree e-Plan with a college faculty advisor. All courses and programs are taught by highly qualified instructors.

Need help choosing a major?

Focus 2 logoTake our 15 minute Focus 2 Apply assessment on any device to make a better informed choice of a college major


18 Early College Pathways  

Application and Guidelines

Schedules and Additional Resources for School Counselors and Parents

OCtech Resources


Ask your school counselor about our Early College and join thousands of students across Orangeburg and Calhoun counties who have benefited from Early College! For more information, contact Deborah Cooper-Davis, Early College Director, at davisdl@octech.edu or 803.535.1409.