If you're looking to pick up a class you had to drop, get one out of the way for next semester or just move ahead, OCtech has the class you need.

Save money.
Online and on campus.
Make the most of summer.
Transient Summer 2022
Transient Summer 2022
Transient Summer 2022

Classes that transfer anywhere.

OCtech’s classes will easily transfer to any South Carolina college or university. See the list below for a quick look at ones you take this summer. Use the the “Search for all classes and schedules” button to find the one you want to register for. We have classes online and on campus, whichever fits your schedule the best.

Universally Transferable Courses for SC

All of these courses are being offered this summer and are transferable to any SC college or university.

ACC-101 Accounting Principles I
ACC-102 Accounting Principles II
ART-101 Art History and Appreciation
BIO-101 Biological Science I
BIO-102 Biological Science II
BIO-210 Anatomy & Physiology I
BIO-211 Anatomy & Physiology II
BIO-225 Microbiology
CHM-110 College Chemistry I
CHM-111 College Chemistry II
ECO-211 Microeconomics
ENG-101 English Composition
ENG-102 English Composition II
ENG-202 American Literature II
HIS-101 Western Civilization to 1689 I
HIS-201 American History: Disc to 1877
HIS-202 American History: 1877 to Pres
MAT-110 College Algebra
MAT-111 College Trigonometry
MAT-120 Probability & Statistics
MAT-130 Elementary Calculus
MAT-140 Analytical Geometry & Calculus I
MAT-141 Analytical Geometry & Calculus II
MAT-240 Analytical Geometry & Calculus III
PHY-201 Physics I
PHY-202 Physics II
PSY-201 General Psychology
PSY-203 Human Growth & Develop
SOC-101 Intro to Sociology
SPA-101 Elementary Spanish I
SPA-102 Elementary Spanish II
SPC-205 Public Speaking

Use the Advanced Search and select the Summer Term to search for available classes.

Applying is easy.

If you have attended OCtech in the last three semesters, you don’t need to reapply. If you are new to us, follow these easy steps:

1. Complete an Application

Applying online is easy and convenient.

Apply Online

(You do not need to reapply if you were a student here within the last three semesters.)

2. Get Your Transient Approval Form

Your advisor at the college you currently attend will help you decide which OCtech courses are best for you and help you complete your Transient Approval Form. Send completed forms to OCtech via:

Email: send a PDF to askme@octech.edu

Fax: 803-535-1368

Attn: Admissions Office
Orangeburg-Calhoun Technical College, 3250 St. Matthews Road, Orangeburg, SC 29118

You can find our available courses here: Search for Classes  (Use the “Advanced Seach” tab and select the term you’d like to search.)

3: Registration

Once we receive your application and Transient Approval Form, we will contact you to register for classes – easy as that. Make sure we have your current contact information – as well as course name, number and section – on your form!

4. Pay Tuition

Current Tuition Information

A $25 registration fee is also assessed to all new and current students each term.

You can pay tuition and fees online using your OCtech Self-Service Account.

5. Transfer Your Credits

After you have finished your course(s), request to have your transcripts sent to your home school.

Request Transcript

You can request your transcript be forwarded to your school once you are registered.  Just be sure to select "Hold For Grades."

SC Trac

We have classes that are not “universally transferable” that you can also take, depending on your major. To make sure any class you take will be accepted by your school, use SC Trac to verify that your credits will transfer.

SC Trac logo and link to site


Call 803.535.1234 or email askme@octech.edu.