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Have the best of both worlds

Save money by taking classes at OCtech and easily transfer your credits back to your home school.

smiling female student at Clemson

“Every summer, I’ve taken at least two courses through OCtech. It was the same amount of money for me to take two classes at OCtech as it was for me to take one at Clemson. “

Mary Ardis

Clemson University

Classes that transfer anywhere.

OCtech’s classes will easily transfer to any South Carolina college or university. See the list below for a quick look at ones you can take this summer. Use the “Search for All Classes and Schedules” button to find the one you want to register for. We have classes online and on campus, so choose whichever fits your schedule the best.

Use the Advanced Search and select “Summer Term” to search for available classes.

Applying is easy.

If you have attended OCtech in the last three semesters, you don’t need to reapply. If you are new to us, follow these easy steps:

SC Trac

We also offer some classes that are not “universally transferable,” depending on your major. To make sure any class you take will be accepted by your school, use the SC Trac tool to verify that your credits will transfer.

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Call 803.535.1234 or email askme@octech.edu.