Adult Education

Adult Education at OCtech is here to help you restart or complete your education.  Our classes run on a six-week rotation.  All students must attend Orientation. We offer:

  • GED and high school completion test preparation
  • English as a Second Language (ESL)

We’ll also work with you to develop an Individual Graduation Plan (IGP) or career readiness plan so you know exactly what your next step should be along the way.

Get Started Today:

1. TABE Placement Testing

  • TABE testing will be done remotely via ZOOM.
  • In-person testing is by APPOINTMENT ONLY. Call for more information.
Date Time
TuesdayAugust 44:45 pm
ThursdayAugust 6 7:45 am
TuesdayAugust 114:45 pm
ThursdayAugust 137:45 am
TuesdayAugust 184:45 pm
ThursdayAugust 207:45 am
TuesdayAugust 254:45 pm
ThursdayAugust 277:45 am
TuesdaySeptember 14:45 pm
ThursdaySeptember 3 7:45 am
TuesdaySeptember 84:45 pm
ThursdaySeptember 107:45 am
TuesdaySeptember 154:45 pm
ThursdaySeptember 177:45 am
TuesdaySeptember 224:45 pm
ThursdaySeptember 247:45 am
TuesdaySeptember 294:45 pm

2. Orientation

  • Orientation will be held the 2nd and 4th Wednesday of each month.
  • Orientation will be conducted remotely via ZOOM.

3.  Classroom Instruction

  • Classes will be conducted via zoom Monday – Thursday.  The instructors will email important information.

Special Instructions

  1. Call or email the office for more information or to schedule your TABE test:  803.535.1321 or  803.535.1420, or email:  or
  2. Complete registration paperwork on the Monday that you pick up textbooks after TABE testing.


  • There are no fees to attend Adult Education classes.
  • Students planning to drive to class must purchase a $10 parking pass on the second day of orientation.

About the Adult Education Program

Mission and Student Outcomes