Setting Up Student Accounts

Accessing Self Service

Self Service is the system that holds your username and password for the college that are used for D2L and to access on campus wifi. Self Service is the system that has your contact information, it is where you register and pay for classes, you can see your financial aid, shows your Educational plan, and you can see your unofficial transcript for the college.

First time users will find their user name and password for Self Service in their acceptance letter. If you do not have this information, you can click forgot username. The personal email you gave the college when you were admitted can be used to get information to log in. If you do not get an email, the system does not have the email listed that you are using. You can try another email or contact Student Services.


The password you get in your acceptance letter is a temporary password, usually your birthdate followed by uppercase first initial, lowercase middle initial, and lowercase last initial (an. example is 062480Jld). When you put this password in you will be prompted to choose a new one. Your new password has to be a minimum of 8 characters that includes 1 uppercase letter, 1 lowercase letter, and 1 number. It can not contain any part of your username or any special characters. Confirm your new password and click submit.


When your account is first set up after being admitted to OCtech, it takes 24 hours for students to have access to the other systems. If you are resetting your password it can take up to 30 minutes for all systems to sync.

More about D2L

D2L Brightspace is the college’s learning management system where you access your classes, student email, and college announcements. It is important to check your classes and email before the first day to read any directions your instructors have for the first day.

Your username and password from self service is used to log in to D2L. To log in to D2L you will use your self service username followed by and your self service password.

  • Classes- Once you log in to the home page of D2L you can access your classes by clicking on the  button in the top bar on the right. A drop down will appear with your classes. You will also find your classes in a box if you scroll down on the first page. Click on the individual class to see the class homepage. On this page you will see contact information for your instructor and class announcements. Click on content on the bar at the top to see class content and the syllabus.
  • Student email-Your email for the college is located in D2L. To access your email click on the letter icon at the top of the page on the right or click email in the bar at the top. Your email for the college is different than your log in for d2L. The address used is you username followed by ( Once you are in you have the option to forward your email, if you prefer, to a personal email in the settings.
  • Signing up for emergency alerts-Once you log in to D2L, on the homepage is a box for emergency alerts. An account is already set up with your student email. Do not create a new account, instead choose request a password. You will use is your student email which is Once you enter your student email (the one you are already registered with in the system) you will receive an email in D2L to set up your account. Make sure to sign up for emergency alerts to choose where you would like to receive alerts and if you prefer text or email. This system is only used for emergency alerts.
On Campus Wifi

On Campus WiFi- To connect to wifi while on campus, open up available networks on your device and choose octech. You will be prompted to put in your username and password. Your username and password will be the same as Self Service.

Your Student ID

Student Id Number-Students also have a student id number that is on your student id and is also listed in self service. Your student id are the last 7 numbers after 006815 (which are the numbers for OCtech) on your id. Your student id number is used for financial aid, to access library resources off campus, and to print on campus. You can put money on your account in the bookstore to print. Printing costs 10 cents per page and students can print in the library.

Self Service is where you’ll find topics such as:

  • Check your financial aid status
  • Review and pay your bill
  • Check your credit balance
  • Review missing documents for admissions
  • Search for classes
  • Register for upcoming semesters
  • View your transcript
  • Apply for graduation

First Time Users:

  • Login using the username and temporary password you received in your official acceptance letter.
  • If you do not have your acceptance letter, select “Forgot your user name.”  Enter your name and use the email address that you have on record with the College.
  • NOTE: This password will be used for Self Service, D2L and Microsoft Office 365.


  • Wait at least 30 minutes after your first Self Service login for the system to sync before setting up your D2L account.

brightspace logo

Desire2Learn (D2L) is your learning management tool.

  • Access online course content
  • Submit assignments online
  • Check your campus email
  • View campus announcements

First Time Users:

  • User name: Your user name for D2L is the same as your Self Service user name, with the addition of
    Example User name: If your Self Service user name is “doeja”, your user name will be “”
  • Password: Your password is the same password that you have selected to use for Self Service.