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Gap Year
Picking a college major is a big decision

Taking a "gap year" at OCtech before going to a four-year college can help you decide. Explore different majors while earning college credits. Switch between programs without penalty and then transfer your credits to the college of your choice.

Computer Science

Teacher Education





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Wonder without risk

Save time and money
Tuition savings:

Save thousands of dollars on a year of freshman tuition.

Time to explore:

You probably have an idea of what you want to do. At OCtech you can start your major to see if it really is the best fit.

Easily change majors without losing credits . It's a risk-free opportunity that saves you time and money.

30 Transferable Credit Hours


computer science


law/criminal justice


teacher education

Gap Year

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Gap Year

"Our exceptional quality of instruction has helped us create lasting relationships with all of South Carolina's four-year colleges and universities, making transfer easy and seamless.

To learn more about Gap Year potential, complete the form below or contact me directly . Or you can apply today and talk with your advisor which majors you'd like to explore."

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Explore the Courses

Below are the courses and type of credits you will earn during your Gap Year. General education courses are assigned according to major so you don’t take classes you don’t need.

Gap Year Major Courses

MajorMajor Courses 
BusinessACC101 Accounting Principles I
BUS101 Intro to Business
MGT101 Principles of Management
Computer ScienceCPT 101 Introduction to Computers
CPT 104 Introduction to Information Technology
CPT 114 Computers and Programming
EngineeringEGR 112 Engineering Programming
EGR 130 Engineering Technology Applications and Programming
EET 113 Electrical Circuits I
EGT 152 Fundamentals of CAD
Law/Criminal JusticeCRJ 101 Introduction to Criminal Justice
CRJ 115 Criminal Law I
CRJ 230 Criminal Investigations I
Medicine/NursingAHS 104 Medical Vocabulary/Anatomy
EMS 110 Emergency Medical Technician
EMS 212 EMS Field Internship
AHS 106 Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation
AHS 163 Long-term Care
Teacher EducationEDU 230 Schools in Communities
EDU 241 Learners and Diversity
EDU 270 Foundation in Early Childhood Education

General Education Courses

ART 101
BIO 101
BIO 102
CHM 110
CHM 111
ENG 101
ENG 102
ENG 205
MAT 120
MAT 130

MAT 140
MAT 141
PSY 201
SPA 101
SPA 102
SPC 205