Logistics involves the integration of information, transportation, inventory, warehousing, material handling, and packaging. Students completing this certificate will be able to supervise warehouse operations, ensure equipment is correctly operated and maintained, and meet customer requirements. They will be able to oversee shipments to multiple customer accounts and ensure shipments are on schedule.

24 semester hours

The importance of professional automobile repair in today’s mobile society cannot be overstated. Because vehicles have skyrocketed in cost and are kept in service longer, there is a shortage of trained, knowledgeable technicians. Skilled technicians are needed to perform preventive maintenance, repairs and adjustments. Your decision to obtain either a certificate or Associate Degree in Automotive Technology will provide you with increased career opportunity and higher income.

Employment opportunities are best for automotive service technicians with strong communication, mathematical and analytical skills. For this reason, the Automotive Technology curriculum includes instruction in English, mathematics and human relations to supplement the in-depth studies of the automobile’s electrical, electronic, computer, mechanical, and hydraulic systems required in this associate degree program. Because the automotive service technician’s ability to diagnose the source of a problem quickly and accurately is of prime importance in this field, students will receive intense training in diagnosis of advanced vehicle systems including hybrid vehicle systems.

OCtech’s Automotive Technology is a five semester program with mini-sessions taught each semester. Classes combine operational theory with hands on lab activities for Engine Repair, Automatic Transmissions, Manual Transmission and Drive Train, Suspension and Steering, Brakes, Electrical and Electronic Systems, Heating and Air Conditioning, Engine Performance and Alternative Fuel Vehicles. These classes prepare students to pass ASE certification tests and begin a career as an automotive service technician.

Automotive service technician careers are attractive to many individuals because they afford the opportunity for good pay and the satisfaction of highly skilled work. In addition, most individuals who enter this occupation can expect steady work because changes in economic conditions normally have little effect on the automotive repair business. Job opportunities for an OCtech Automotive Technology graduate cover all areas of the automotive industry. Repair technicians, parts sales, dealerships, and specialty shops are just a few of the opportunities available.

If you’re ready to explore your possibilities for the future, choose OCtech’s Associate in Applied Science Automotive Technology degree.

The OCtech Automotive Technology Program is accredited by the ASE Education Foundation.

Bachelor Degree Completion:
OCtech has approved articulation agreements in Organizational Leadership with:
• Columbia College
• USC’s Palmetto College

Associate in Applied Technology
70 semester hours

Students will learn skills for immediate entry into the job market as an “entry level” diesel maintenance technician. The certificate includes courses in basic diesel engine theory and operation; servicing diesel equipment; basic diesel diagnostics and repair of basic fuel systems used on today’s diesel equipment.

Job opportunities for students with this certificate include servicing light diesel equipment; construction, industrial, and farm equipment. The student will learn in an actual industry type shop environment, with classroom lectures, demonstrations and “hands on” activities.

This certificate is designed to be a starting point for students with marketable skills who need an immediate entry into the diesel repair field. This certificate will also help meet the overwhelming need for basic “entry level” technicians in the diesel and automotive repair industries.

16 semester hours

This certificate is designed to enhance the skills of experienced technicians who strive to become ASE certified or as starting point for students who wish to attain marketable automotive technician skills.

Students will learn skills for the immediate entry into the job market as a brake, suspension and general automotive specialist technician.

Students who complete the certificate are prepared to take the ASE certification exam in the areas of automotive brakes and suspension.

16 semester hours

Orangeburg-Calhoun Technical College offers an excellent training program for beginning commercial motor vehicle drivers. The curriculum incorporates classroom instruction in a modern facility; media based learning strategies, and hands-on guidance to fully prepare students for the South Carolina Commercial Driver’s License examination. Entry into the program is competitive, and may require additional documentation for consideration. Both federal and state financial aid is available to qualified students.

The mission of the program is to provide professional comprehensive training offered by state certified instructors for individuals at all levels of experience. Instruction focuses on safety and flexibility, resulting in the achievement of sustainable employment and competitive wages for students as a commercial motor vehicle license carrier. Students also learn the basics of the business of Truck Driving.

Students are required to sign a program contract, which includes the wearing of appropriate safety-related apparel.

The following items are not provided and must be purchased by the student.

Entrance Requirements

16 credit hours