Institutional Effectiveness

Strategic Plan 2023-2025

The mission of OCtech is to provide relevant training and education in a safe, diverse, flexible, and inclusive environment that promotes success and self-reliance for students, and fosters economic development for the region.

Goal One

Create an employee experience that makes a concerted effort to promote organizational empathy with an emphasis on the most critical aspects of what an effective, efficient, and forward-thinking organization looks like in a safe environment.

Objective 1.1

Celebrate small and large successes, recognize and reward people for their contributions, and broadly communicate wins to energize people and sustain commitment.

Objective 1.2

Encourage Faculty and Staff to be agents of change.

Objective 1.3

Make creative, bold, data-informed decisions to solve problems; receive meaningful professional development, feedback, and support from supervisors; and see themselves as having a connection to the college, the college’s mission, and one another.

Objective 1.4

Promote Faculty and Staff well-being.

Goal Two

Create an experience for students in a safe environment that demonstrates our commitment to them, their success, and their goals.

Objective 2.1

Remove barriers and create pathways to and through the college leading to industry-based credentials and degree attainment in preparation for meaningful jobs and careers in the shortest time possible.

Objective 2.2

Help all students feel welcome and supported; foster student connections to the college early and often through relationship-building and engagement to build community.

Objective 2.3

Quickly and proactively assess and assist students in meeting (incl. basic) needs.

Objective 2.4

Intentionally connect students to financial, academic, and socio-emotional services and supports.

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