Quality Enhancement Plan

“Learn It! Live It!”
OCtech’s Quality Enhancement Plan (QEP)

A Quality Enhancement Plan (QEP) is a five-year project that strives to improve some aspect of student learning on a college-wide scale.  OCtech’s QEP is entitled “Learn It!  Live It!” Ensuring the Workforce Readiness Skills and Behaviors of Today’s and Tomorrow’s Workers.  OCtech seeks to increase student learning by assisting students in the development and mastery of the workforce readiness skills necessary to achieve their academic and career goals.  OCtech proposes a Quality Enhancement Plan (QEP) that will integrate and refine workforce readiness components that already exist in some academic programs with additional skills to establish a college-wide workforce readiness model and community certification program.

“Learn It! Live It!” will improve student workforce readiness skills and behaviors by complementing each program’s Student Learning Outcomes (SLOs) with the capabilities that area employers deemed vital in the success of new employees.  The QEP also supports the OCtech mission statement and Strategic Plan goals and strategies.

The mission of OCtech is to provide relevant training and education in a flexible environment that promotes success and self-reliance for students, and fosters economic development for the region.  While the QEP supports all three of the College’s Strategic Plan Goals, it directly impacts Strategy 1.12 – Foster the development of workforce and social skills needed for today’s diverse workplace and Strategy 3.3 – Provide professional development focused on the environment needed to support student success.

The QEP seeks to have a minimum of 85% of OCtech students achieve proficiency in the following Student Learning Outcomes:

 “Learn It! Live It!” Student Learning Outcomes

1.     Applied Communication Skills (written and verbal): Students will demonstrate competence in using written/oral communication to collaborate/resolve problems in work-based scenarios.

2.     Technology Skills: Students will demonstrate competence in selecting, using, and applying technology concepts, systems, and operations to workforce-related tasks.

3.     Soft Skills: Students will demonstrate soft skills with a focus on punctuality, responsibility, and teamwork necessary to be successful in today’s work environments.

The QEP’s goals are focused on improving critical workforce skills and behaviors, improving student persistence and retention, strengthening faculty’s ability to teach/assess workforce readiness skills, and creating a community-wide workforce readiness recognition program.

 “Learn It! Live It!” Goals

Goal 1: Improve student mastery of critical workforce readiness skills and behaviors vital to the success of every new hire – no matter what the field – in the workplace.

Goal 2: Improve student persistence and retention across all divisions through the uniform implementation of soft skills strategies.

Goal 3: Improve student learning through strengthening faculty’s ability to both teach and assess workforce readiness skills.

Goal 4: Create a community-wide recognition program which communicates student success in the mastery of workforce readiness skills deemed vital by area employers.

The following links provide supporting documentation on how the QEP theme of workforce readiness was chosen through broad-based involvement, how the QEP Development Team researched and planned the project, and how the project will be assessed.

Topic Development

QEP Topic Selection Timeline and Group Involvement
Fall 2013 Convocation of Faculty and Staff Agenda
Online QEP Theme Faculty/Staff Input Survey August 26 – September 9, 2013
Online QEP Theme Faculty/Staff Input Survey Results August 26 – September 9, 2013
QEP Student Focus Group Meeting Power Point – September 26, 2013
QEP Theme Advisory Board Input Survey – November 7, 2013
QEP Theme Advisory Board Input Survey Results – November 7, 2013

Research, Planning, and Development

“Learn It! Live It!” Implementation Timeline
QEP Teams and Committees
Literature Review Steering Committee Blog


“Learn It! Live It!” Assessment Plan and Timeline
QEP Rubrics for Direct Assessment in Progression and Capstone Courses
Progression and Capstone Courses Where QEP Student Learning Outcomes Will Be Assessed

Faculty/Staff Training

Fall 2015 Convocation QEP Power Point Presentation
QEP Faculty Training Plan Power Point Presentation

For more information on “Learn It! Live It!” please contact Warren Yarbrough, QEP Director at 535.1287 / yarbroughw@octech.edu