Submitting Dynamic Forms:

All supporting documentation uploaded must be in PDF format. Students and parents who are required to submit other documentation (i.e. tax return transcripts or W-2’s) along with the form, will be able to upload these documents (PDF format only).

NOTE: The maximum PDF file size accepted is 3MB (3000KB). To reduce the file size of the PDF attachments for Dynamic Forms try using

Parent Information and Signatures:

If a form requires parental information and/or signatures, the student will be asked to supply a parent email address. The parent will be sent a link via e-mail to complete the parent section of the form and to sign electronically. The first time Dynamic Forms is accessed, the parent will need to create an account. The same email address cannot be used for both the student and the parent. Dynamic Forms require unique email accounts for both the student and parent.

After the parent electronically signs the form it will be sent automatically to our office for processing.

Rejected Forms/ Returned for Revision:

If the Financial Aid Office determines a submitted form is unacceptable or incomplete, it will be returned for revision. A revision email will be sent to the student or parent and you must take action. The rejected form, will provide information in the revision email. The form must be electronically signed again by all.