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The Ultimate Sales Training Workshop Certificate

The Ultimate Sales Training Workshops are designed to train and engage sales people more effectively so they will be able to create better relationships, generate more sales leads, deliver better presentations, create more effective proposals, handle gatekeepers, handle objections, understand customers better, close more sales, and stay motivated and focused.  The training consists of 14 highly interactive, fast-paced units.

Each module is 3-4 hours in length.  You can mix or match to create a custom program for your organization. The program is highly interactive and requires participation. Preferred class size is a minimum of 10 and a maximum of 20.

Customer Support Specialist – $529

The Bureau of Labor Statistics is reporting an estimated 25% growth in customer support positions in the next 10 years. Participants can learn keyboarding and data entry skills to increase accuracy and speed, learn effective communication and problem-solving skills, fine-tune language skills, and gain a better understanding of the job expectations and the exciting environment of the customer support industry. High school diploma or GED is required. Prior to registration, students must take the appropriate WorkKeys tests and achieve passing scores.

We can customize modules for our Customer Support Specialist program to fit your company needs and deliver it to your employees at your site or ours. The emphasis for the program is on computer skills, customer service skills, communication skills and appropriate behavioral interactions for dealing with a variety of situations. Case studies used in class may be tailored to the requirements of the job.

Successful Supervision – Learn to Lead – $399/unit or $89/module

Do you face issues to include turnover, low morale or business growth? Today’s workplace presents many challenges for supervisors at all levels. OCtech is proud to offer a customizable program that you can take for specific needs for yourself or your company. You can take all 25 modules for a Supervisory Certificate. This program can be taught at your work site or on the OCtech campus. We can modify or mix and match to create a custom program just for you! Units can be taken in any order. Contact Sandra Moore 803.535.1237 for more information.

OPD 750 21     Unit 1 Finding the Supervisor Within

OPD 751 21     Module One – Introduction to Supervision
OPD 752 21     Module Two – Understanding Personality Types
OPD 753 21     Module Three – Working in an Ethical Manner
OPD 754 21     Module Four – Getting Things Done Under Pressure
OPD 755 21     Module Five – Accepting Personal Responsibility

OPD 756 21     Unit 2 Communicating for Impact

OPD 757 21     Module One – Essential Communication Skills- Part One
OPD 758 21     Module Two – Essential Communication Skills- Part Two
OPD 759 21     Module Three – Conflict Resolution
OPD 760 21     Module Four – Coaching and Counseling – Part One
OPD 761 21     Module Five – Coaching and Counseling – Part Two

OPD 762 21     Unit 3 Developing & Retaining Talent

OPD 763 21     Module One – Getting Off on the Right Foot
OPD 764 21     Module Two – Defining Performance Expectations
OPD 765 21     Module Three – Conflict Resolution
OPD 766 21     Module Four – Motivating to Excel
OPD 767 21     Module Five – Managing Teams & Work Groups

OPD 788 21     Unit 4 Managing the Process

OPD 789 21     Module One – Setting Goals & Objectives
OPD 790 21     Module Two – Planning for Results
OPD 791 21     Module Three – Analyzing & Solving Problems
OPD 792 21     Module Four – Making Solid Decisions
OPD 793 21     Module Five – Leading in a Changing Environment

OPD 794 21     Unit 5 Leading for Desired Results

OPD 795 21     Module One – Core Leadership Skills
OPD 796 21     Module Two – The Challenge of Leadership
OPD 797 21     Module Three – Productive Partnerships
OPD 798 21     Module Four – Effective Delegation
OPD 799 21     Module Five – Valuing Diversity

OPD 724     REAL Entrepreneurship – $199 (24 contact hours)

Entrepreneurship – Starting a Small Business (additional fees for books and supplies)
OCtech Campus, Building S, Eastman Room (Room 216)
Instructor: Dianne Smoak

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